Solar Thermal Installation

Solar thermal panels are fast becoming the alternative renewable technology. Heat accounts for more than 65% of the average domestic energy bill and solar panels cuts annual spending.

It reduces reliance on ever increasing National Grid prices and reduce carbon emissions each and every year.

Vacuum Tube Collectors
Vacuum tube collectors now most commonly use a phase change material in a pipe that heats up, changes to a gas and transfers the heat to a manifold where piping collects it and takes the heat to central storage. Older types were similar to the solar trough panels, with the pipes surrounded by the double wall vacuum tubes.

The vacuum tubes virtually eliminate heat loss through conduction and convection. Flat panels lose some heat. This can sometimes be useful to melt snow loads in winter months. Solar panels can overheat, so flat panels are also better in warmer climates, possibly without glazing.

Benefits Of Thermal Energy

  • Pumps and controls means genuine zero running costs
  • No glycol means no maintenance or level checks
  • Simple controls ensures long life reliability
  • Direct to tank design means minimal costs to install
  • Lightweight install and minimal roof loading
  • Eligible for Green Deal & RHI projects