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With winter on its way, people want the best tips to keep their homes nice and warm when the weather outside is cold. Furthermore, people want to keep their home warm without breaking the bank. Here are our top tips from the expert team at ASAP Plumbers on the best ways to keep you warm this winter.

Our top tips to keep you warm this winter

  1. Radiator reflections

A card covered in aluminium foil can work wonders at reflecting heat back into your home from behind your radiators. As much of the heat from heaters is lost in the walls, using a reflective panel can really help to add more warmth to your home. Fortunately, this method of insulation is very cheap to create. Simply cut a T-shaped card, so it hangs on your radiator brackets, and then cover in foil and put in place behind your radiators.

If you don’t have the time to create your own reflective panels, you can buy foil insulation from many DIY shops.

  1. Draught-proof

Draughts can be very unpleasant when they sneak through windows and doors. For draughty windows, it may be more cost effective and energy efficient to replace the windows with heavily glazed options. If the draught from the windows is only slight, then you can fit insulating tape around the gaps in the window.

The tape is cheap to purchase and easy to install, just make sure the tape fits tightly and snugly to lessen the impact of the draught.

As well as draught proofing window, consider purchasing or making draught excluders for your internal doors as well as fitting draught excluders on your external doors. They can be stylish or fun and can give your rooms a warm and cosy feel.

  1. Boiler service

The last thing you want in the winter is for your boiler to break down, leaving your home cold and potentially without access hot water. An annual boiler service can highlight if there are any problems with the boiler and repair them before they become a bigger issue. Furthermore, a boiler service will help to make your boiler run more efficiently, so you get the right level of heat output without wasting energy.

Remember, a boiler service could save you money in the long-term as it can help your boiler to last longer.

  1. Invest in soft furnishings

Rugs can transform cold tiled or wooden floors into warm, cosy flooring to keep your toes from getting cold. Throws, blankets and cushions can help you to wrap up warm at home too as well as making you feel protected and cosy. Curtains are also a good investment too. As lots of heat is lost from windows, closing your curtains can help to trap heat inside the home. As well as keeping your home warm, they can add style too.

For added protection, you can also find thermal curtains which can provide even more heat to your home.

Looking to keep your home cosy this winter?

Contact ASAP Plumbers in London to make sure your central heating system is working effectively. At ASAP Plumbers, we supply and fit boilers as well as conducting boiler services, to make sure your central heating system doesn’t let you down when it matters. Book your boiler servicing by emailing

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