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Has your central heating system been causing you concern?

Whether its radiators that fail to heat up, a shower that is never hot enough or a clunky and worrying noise coming from the heating system, there could be an easy solution that doesn’t require a new boiler or whole central heating system.

Unbeknownst to many of us, there is a sludge of black oxide that builds up in central heating systems. This sludge forms from a build-up caused by the chemical reaction in the system. Air, water, limescale and metal combined results in of black oxide; a thick, unappealing sludge.

When the sludge of black oxide builds up, it creates blockages in the pipes which, depending on where the blockages form, can mean that parts of the central heating cannot perform as they should. It becomes harder for the heat to get to where it needs to be, especially when sludge can almost block pipes completely.

The solution: Powerflushing

Fortunately, there is a solution, which can help to get your boiler working as good as new and to save you from replacing the whole central heating system. Powerflushing can clear your central heating system of black oxide, allowing water to flow through the system without restriction.

Conducted quickly and conveniently by a qualified plumber, you can find your central heating system is much improved, and you may save money on those high energy bills too.

Ten benefits of powerflushing

Powerflushing your system brings so many benefits including;

  1. Reduced boiler noise

Instead of being woken up by clunky central heating in the morning, powerflushing will ensure a smoother flow and, therefore, reduced noise from your central heating system.

  1. Quicker heating

After a powerflush has been conducted, your home will be able to warm up quicker, meaning you’ll feel the heat much sooner and your heating is on for a shorter time.

  1. Hotter radiator

Cool radiators are one of the signs that you need a powerflush. Once the sludge is removed, water can flow through the radiator making them feel much hotter.

  1. Easy job

Using a skilled plumber to undertake a powerflush on your system Is a quick and easy process and won’t be too invasive on your time or in your home.

  1. Reduced energy bills

Customers save an average of 40% on their heating bills after hiring a plumber for a powerflush service.

  1. Cheaper than a new system

Instead of replacing the whole central heating system at a high cost, a powerflush is much less expensive and could save you thousands. A much better alternative, that’s friendly to your purse.

  1. Stay within warranty

If you have a warranty period on your boiler, then you may not realise that a regular powerflush is essential to keep your warranty valid. If the boiler breaks down due to sludge within the warranty period, but you haven’t had a powerflush, then the boiler company may not honour your warranty.

  1. Increased reliability

Without clogs in the system, you’ll have a much more reliable system that you can trust to keep your house cosy.

  1. Heating system lasts longer

A powerflush service not only saves you money on your heating bills, but it can also increase the lifespan of your central heating system by up to ten years!

  1. Better efficiency

Whether to protect your pocket or look after the environment, a more energy efficient heating system helps your home to heat up quicker and, therefore, use less energy.

Book your powerflush today

If you want to save money on your heating bills and make your boiler run like new, then contact the ASAP Plumbers, London, who can safely powerflush your central heating system for improved performance.

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