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In most cases, toilets are taken for granted. Toilets are simple and practical, and most people do not give their toilet another thought until it breaks. However, if you’re planning a bathroom makeover or looking for a replacement toilet, you will find there are many different styles of toilet to choose from. To help you make the decision, here is our guide to the best type of toilet.

The best type of toilet for your bathroom

The best type of toilet…for your budget

If you have a limited budget, the closed-coupled toilet is a popular choice as there are many options available on the market and they are often inexpensive. A closed-couple toilet is made up of two parts. One is the ceramic pan, and the other part is the cistern.

The closed-coupled toilets are cheap to install as well as being practical to fit as the soil pipe can be mounted behind as well as to the left and right depending on your needs. Despite being relatively cheap, there are still many stylish options to choose from with a range of features such as a dual flush button or lever.

The best type of toilet…for comfort

Having toilets at a higher height can be much more comfortable for taller people as well as being much more accessible for older generations and those who have mobility problems. Comfort height toilets are usually around 5cm taller than standard toilets, which may not seem like much of a difference but can be a great help for those who need a bathroom that accommodates to specific mobility and comfort needs.

A comfort height toilet makes sitting and getting up easier while also reducing the pressure on lower body joints which can be a great help.

The best type of toilet…for space-saving

If you have a small bathroom and want to give the illusion of more space, then a wall-mounted toilet can be ideal. A wall mounted toilet is hung on the wall with a concealed cistern and does not touch the floor. Having free floorspace can help to make your bathroom seem larger which can certainly add to the layout and style.

Wall mounted toilets are stylish and impressive; however, they are still robust and practical. Typically, a wall mounted toilet can support 200kg, but you need to make sure it is correctly installed.

The best type of toilet…for minimalism

If you are looking for a sleek and modern finish for your bathroom, then a back-to-wall toilet may be the best option for you. These are often much cheaper than a wall hung toilet, but still give a sharp, clean appearance. Back-to-wall toilets, as the name suggests, conceal the cistern in the wall or within furniture so that the toilet sits flush against to wall for a neat space-saving finish.

A back-to-wall toilet helps to create a spacious bathroom with less clutter and without a bulky cistern detracting from the view.

Want to upgrade your toilet?

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