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The toilets in your house are an essential feature, and it might difficult when things go wrong to determine if it needs replacing or simply sprucing up. It might be easy to think that when things stop working it might be the case that something just needs adjusting or parts exchanging. However, there are actually a few instances in which your toilet does need to be replaced. Excluding cosmetic issues, here are the top five signs that you need to replace your toilet.

  1. You are repairing it over and over

There are many components to your toilet, most of which you can obtain easy replacements for. However, if you find yourself replacing these items regularly, then it might be time to save the money, and buy a whole new toilet. The money you would have spent on replacements can go into buying a new, hassle-free toilet.

  1. Constant clogging

If your toilet is clogging up, and getting blocked more than once a week, it is probably time to get a replacement. It is not a good sign if you find yourself having to flush multiple times. Having to unblock your toilet over and over can be an incredibly unpleasant task, and your time can be better spent doing other things.

  1. Surface scratches

If you are having to scrub your toilet an excessive amount due to surface scratches collecting dirt, then you might benefit from a replacement system. Scratches make it difficult to clean, and you could avoid hours of cleaning, and ultimately save time.

  1. Cracked toilet

Hairline cracks in the porcelain structure of your toilet is not an uncommon occurrence. If there are cracks, they are likely to only get bigger over time and can encourage leaks or breaks. Not only this but small cracks may also harbour bacteria, leading to your having to spend more time with cleaning. Cracks are a sign the toilet needs replacing- especially if you want to avoid sudden floods!

  1. Water saving

If you find your water bill high or do not have a low flush toilet, replacing your toilet with a new low flush system might just save you water and money. It would put less pressure on water storage and supply, which can help to lower your bills and reduce the impact on the environment: a win-win situation. Did you know up to three gallons of water could be saved by fitting a low flush toilet?

Is it time to replace your toilet?

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your toilets in the home, then it may be time to replace your toilet. At ASAP Plumbers we can install your new toilet or bathroom with minimum disruption and provide a high-quality finish. If you’re looking for a replacement or qualified and friendly plumbers who can help to take care of a repair for you, then get in touch with our customer care team at ASAP Plumbers.

Based in London, we cover a large area for a range of plumbing services, so if you’re ready to buy a new toilet or are looking for repair advice, then speak to the experts by calling 0203 441 6626.

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