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One of the worst issues to have in your home is a blocked drain. When a blocked drain happens, the water and waste can overflow, and the result is usually unpleasant and foul smelling. Fortunately, when you know the causes of a blocked pipe, you can quickly find the right way to rectify the situation. If your pipe seems to be clogged or water is moving much slower than usual, then it might be as a result of these fours answers for a clogged drain.

  1. Soap building up

Soap is washed down your drain every day, in your showers, washing machines, and sinks. Over time soap accumulates on the pipe walls which restrict the flow. As it continues, the pipes get more and more restricted reducing their diameter thus decreasing sufficient flow.

Maintenance tip: Pour a few tablespoons of salt down the drain followed by two litres of hot water. The abrasive texture will scour the greasy build up, removing the soap scum. 

  1. Shifting pipes

As time progresses, the ground below us can shift and move around which can dislodge pipes in ways that are less than beneficial for easy drainage. Pipes in the past were made from concrete or clay in three sections which add to the likelihood of offsetting. It is often a tempting short-term solution to dispense drain unblocking chemicals down your plug but may lead to further damage to the older pipes.

Maintenance tip: Prevent blockage causing materials from entering the drain altogether. Use a hair filter in plugs and put fats and food waste in the bin.

  1. Roots damaging the pipes

Tree roots are strong, and can grow into the cracks and joints in pipes. Old pipes are more vulnerable to this damage due to the composition of the pipes. Concrete pipes can also be crushed by the weight of trees growing above, or by wrapping around them. In addition to this, the pipes can simply become more brittle over time. Trees may only be growing in search of nutrients and water, but they can cause clogs by breaking pipes and backing up the system.

Maintenance tip: While you cannot control the trees that grow near the pipes or the brittle nature of the pipes, you can help to look after the pipes in your home by using detergent and hot water to keep pipes running freely.

  1. Grease clogging

Just like with soap, grease can build up on the walls of your pipes. This is a much faster process than soap building up. As hot or warm oil moves more easily down the pipes once the grease reaches a cooler place it becomes more viscous and sticky causing it to build up in one, hard to reach place.

Maintenance tip: For small blogs use a long piece of wire to help remove the debris. Alternatively, a plunger may be more suitable.

Consistently blocked drains?

If you have a problem blockage or one that keeps returning then get in touch with the team at ASAP Plumbers. For plumbing emergencies, we have a team of qualified plumbers who are available 24/7. For help and advice, call us on 0203 441 6626.

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