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Did you know that taking care of your central heating system can save you time and money in the long run?

Over time sludge and debris can build in our heating system causing pipes and radiators to corrode. Consequently, radiators and pipes can become blocked which can then slow down the process of heat reaching significant parts of the heating system. In most cases when sludge and debris occurs, our heating system does not function properly and can cause significant damage to the pipes, valves, pumps, and even heat exchanges. In fact, in some cases a whole new boiler is needed, which can cost the home-owner thousands of pounds, leaving a great big whole in their bank balance.  However, there is a simple remedy that could save you from this, and that is the procedure of a POWER-FLUSH!

A lot of people don’t quite understand what a power-flush is and how important it is to regularly have one done to prevent these problems from occurring. A power flush is a simple cleansing procedure to your central heating system. It is a process that can effectively eliminate sludge and corrode that builds up and cause so many problems.

There are however some tell-tale signs to look out for before you go ahead with a power-flush procedure. This can be carried-out yourself or you can get a professional in to diagnose this for you.

  • Do you have cold spots when your radiators are on?
  • Is there excessive noise coming from your boiler or heating system pump?
  • If you bleed your radiators, is there brown discoloured water flowing out?
  • Are your radiators taking forever to heat, or even come on at all?
  • Are your pipes very hot and your radiators are hardly heating up?
  • Is your boiler constantly breaking down?

If your central heating system is causing you problems and you have at least in part some of the above tell-tale signs, then It may be worth-while giving us a call, we are experienced in carrying out power-flushes and are efficient in diagnosing when a power-flush may be the ultimate cause to your central heating problems.

Despite it making a lot of sense in having your central heating systems regularly checked to prevent such occurrences, we all know that sometimes we haven’t the time nor the money to always achieve this, but the benefits of having this done can also outweigh the costs if you were to leave it.

So please don’t delay, ASAP Plumbers are here to help keep your central heating system healthy, so that it can work to its full potential.

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