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What does your boiler say about you?

Hello blog readers, I want to first educate you with a couple of different types of boilers that we have installed here at ASAP Plumbers, combined with a little bit of FUN using a psychological perspective of what each of these boilers may say about your personality.


The Worcester Bosch Group have a range of boilers to choose from. However, doing a complete data analysis of all the boilers we have installed over the past year, I can reveal that there are two popular designs from this range that customers have been very satisfied with.

What does your boiler say about you? ASAP Plumbers

The first is the combi boiler. The Greenstar i is the most popular of this brand.  The Worcester Bosch Group’s impression of this brand suggest that the Greenstar i is an award-winning boiler that has been fitted in over a million homes. It has achieved an A+ ErP package efficiency rating. It is reliable and simple to understand. It has energy efficient benefits and performs to a very high level. It is fast and instantaneous in delivery hot water, which is always constantly available. It doesn’t rely on any other systems, like a separate hot water cylinder to operate. It’s small, neat and sleek in its appearance, and in retrospect you can save a lot of space if you purchase or own this kind of boiler.

What does this boiler say about me? 

A person who chooses this brand or has one of these installed already, may have a personality that is articulate in nature. They like to always think carefully and wisely about the choices they make in their life and their home. Like the Greenstar i they always want to achieve to a high standard. They are passionate about not hurting the feelings of others and they are environmentally friendly and enthusiastic about the world they live in.  They are self-sufficient and are always very target driven with the need to be firm to get things executed.

What does your boiler say about you? ASAP Plumbers

The second most popular choice from the Worcester Bosch range is the good old traditional boiler, the Greenstar CDi. The impression of the Greenstar CDi is that it’s the crème de la crème of traditional boilers. It’s a lot bigger and bolder than the combi Greenstar i and it relies on a separate hot water cylinder to operate efficiently. Nonetheless, despite having to rely on a separate hot water cylinder tank to allow stored hot water to quickly refill, this boiler has been rated a high performing boiler with impressive heating outputs for the larger and conventional home, that already has a traditional heating and hot water system. This boiler is very popular for replacing an existing boiler.

What does this boiler say about me?

The person who wishes to purchase this brand, or who may have one of these brands already may have a strong, stubborn and bold personality.  They like to stay in control of their own destiny and have a family orientated attitude. However, they can be slightly argumentative over certain issues or topics in the environment. Their views are more traditional in nature, but they can be persuaded to slight modernised views and changes, only if the other person has something valid to say. They can adapt quickly and efficiently in the right setting, but they do tend to rely on others to perform well. They’re team orientated as they perform well when all parties contribute. Nonetheless, they are kind and caring in nature and importantly, they try hard to keep people safe and warm.

Final message!

Despite what boiler you are destined to choose or have, there are many on the market that is right for you. Don’t worry if you cannot decide as ASAP Plumbers are here to help you. If you need to replace your existing boiler and don’t know which boiler is right for you and your home, then please click here which has a full and comprehensive boiler guidance.

Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can arrange a free and no obligation quote. Lastly, if you are worried about our workmanship then don’t, we hold an accredited Gold Star rating, for fitting some of the best boilers in the London area. So please give us a call, your boiler is waiting for you!!!!!

That’s it for now blog readers, until next time.

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